5 facts about transdermal treatment

by jordonhaden

Wondering about how to get that beautiful skin fast? Fast as in without any uncomfortable side –effects. Have you considered transdermal absorption?

Transdermal treatment is the process of using the increased absorption provided by a Derma roller to absorb beautifying serums. The Derma roller creates microscopic wounds on the surface of the skin to trigger a healing process to regenerate skin cells. These wounds also can work like pores in your skin to absorb substances. It is highly recommended that you meet up with a dermatologist or at least read this article completely. Here are a few things that you should know about the treatment:

1) More chemicals are entering your blood stream than regular skin application: The absorption rate being higher the concentration of chemicals will also be high. So when you go for a treatment, use recommended serums under proper consultation.

2) The absorption rate in Transdermal treatment is greater than digestion: That’s cool but what you should know is that applied products are less tested than orally consumed product. So with any random or unknown cream you run the risk of introducing more harmful substances into your body than having consumed them.

3) Use Derma roller or Derma patch aboutthe appropriate needle size: For surgical scar removal you should be using a roller between 1 to 1.5mm based on the degree of scarring. Another reason for you to take it up with your dermatologist.

4) Any needle size lesser than 0.5 mm is not effective: Do not use a Derma roller or derma patch that is less than 0.5mm. 0.3mm rollers are available but should not be used as they may not be of a reliable brand and might not be sterile. Always use CE approved apparatus.

5) Use 100% natural and organic items: If you are not going to use organic safe serums that are recommended by a specialist, make sure you use a product that is 100% natural.
The process is safe but precautions are needed. Please put your thoughts in the comments.