Skin Needling is a better alternative for dark skin

by jordonhaden

In conventional ablative skin treatments there are issues of pigmentation changes. This is because ablative skin treatments use methods like microdermabrasion that removes a layer of the upper skin to induce new collagen production in the layer below. This however also causes loss of pigment that is immediately visible in darker skin. This is why skin needling is a much better option for skin treatment.

Skin needling or micro needling does not remove any layer of the skin. Instead it creates micro channels in the layers of the skin. This causes trauma to the surface of the skin and triggers the collagen production. The production of collagen goes up to a 1000%

The process in no way causes any change to melanocytes the components of skin responsible for pigmentation. In fact it improves communication between them and helps your skin tone become more uniform. That is why people are more and more turning to skin needling therapies one of that my personal experience of skin needling from

One can easily identify differences before and after skin needling and the procedure is very simple and painless. The area of application is numbed with a cream and some proficient do not need to apply the anesthetic to your skin while working on it.

The treatment procedure indicates itself within three levels. The initial result of one’s human is swelling i.e. the location starts to expand in size. The next stage will include growth wherein bovine collagen will be produced to make a capable all around the accidents. Eventually, this collagen will be remodeled to substitute the harmed epidermis. The system normally takes 7-10 days to achieve the final stage and this really is whenever the results turn out to be obvious. Ideally, you will need several evenings to get rid of your epidermis problems effectively. The amount and regularity of evenings may rely on your epidermis structure and the degree of scarring damage.