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Fav Work Wear

Anti Static Flame Retardant Boilersuit - FR50 Flame Retardant Boilersuit - BIZ 1 Flame Retardant Boilersuit with Reflective Tape - BIZ 5

Classic workwear – it’s popular in UK – http://www.worklinesafety.co.uk/

Photo booth photography Collection

AKT II Christmas Party - 1 BlueHat at Brighton and Hove Albion Staff Party Sep 28 2012 20:41PM 7.453 cc4eb223, Dec 11 2012 20:24PM 7.453 cc4eb223, Oct 29 2012 22:08PM 7.453 cc4eb223,

A superb Collection of Photo Booth photography 🙂

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I’m keen on reverse engineering at least some aspects of the Clarion CeNET bus in order to hook other gadgets to my car stereo. CeNET is a proprietary interconnect used by Clarion on many of their car audio products over the last ten years.

It uses a proprietary 13-pin square DIN style connector that is not available off the shelf. The pinout is shown below (this was taken from a Clarion service manual).

Electrically, CeNET appears to be a form of asymmetric serial bus. There is some discussion online that suggests a 38400 baud rate. The same person also says that it appears to use some form of encryption which may make it difficult to hack.

My experience with CeNET stereos is that the display will flash SYS or SYSTEM if the battery is disconnected or a CeNET device is inserted or removed. They do this until the stereo is…

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Japanese High School Girl Beauty Pageant Open to Online Voting, May Not Accurately Represent Japanese High Schools



The photos above are the contestants for the upcoming Kanto Miss JK Contest, a beauty pageant to be held on December 27 in Shibuya, Tokyo to decide on the cutest Japanese high school girl in Kanto, the region on the main island of Japan encompassing Tokyo and the prefectures around it.

Before we say anything too malicious, we’d like to acknowledge that perceptions of beauty—or “cuteness”, in this case—can vary greatly among different cultures. However, as many Japanese netizens have pointed out, a thick mask of makeup and hair dyed brown or blonde is hardly representative of a typical Japanese high school girl, let alone a cute one.

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Crafty Christmas: Gift tag roundup